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Height: 5'5" 1/2 (166.37 cm)

Shoe Size: 11 (US) 9 (UK)

Hair color: Brunette

Eye color:  Hazel

Body type: Curvy

Age: She won't say



There are endless ways to describe my wife Nani, but perhaps the best and easiest description is that she is a One of a Kind gal. Cute, feisty, independent, sexy, LOVING. Together we run my smalltime transport company, where she works as my Secretary/Administrative assistant and occasionally as a driver. She's got a knack for arts & crafts, as a well as a Cute & Classy fashion sense. I met her over a decade ago, and we hit it off right away! I had never met a girl like her before, and I was hooked on her from the word "Go!".

On the physical scale, Nani is a perfect 10+! One of the things that caught my attention about her early on, was her cute slender feet, the stylish shoes she wore, and the sexy ways that she played with them. Her soft smooth feet are a size 11(US), with perfectly proportioned toes, that are narrow yet meaty. When she is dangling, her high arches are instantly noticeable, meanwhile a rearview will reveal her smooth & silky soles, and soft round heels. Nani is almost never  without a beautifully painted pedi, which makes her dipping all the more enticing, and her toe cleavage even more of a tease.

The size of her feet and their general slender shape, can make certain shoes either hit or miss, in terms of how they fit. Her flats and moccasins tend to become a bit more loose around the backs over time, which makes heelpopping inevitable under certain circumstances, such as reaching for something high on a grocery store shelf, kneeling onto her knees or my absolute favorite — when she is depressing the pedals in the car!


When my wife found out that I was a foot and shoeplay fetishist, she was blown away that this little habit that she'd had presumably from a young age, could be so enticing to a man. "I've just always done it without thinking about it" she has said. The size of her feet were also a big insecurity for her. 

It took some time to explain everything about this fetish and how it works, but once she understood it, things changed — for the better. Her acceptance & embracing of this fetish, plus the deeper level of intimacy that followed is what ultimately led to this blog.

I'd always hoped to find a woman that could at very least accept this fetish. Never did I expect to find someone who would go above and beyond they way Nani has. To say I am lucky, is an understatement!

If you're a foot fetishist like me, who enjoys pictures, videos and stories focused feet, dangling, dipping etc. then I believe that you'll definitely enjoy this blog. If you've been following Nani and myself for some time, then you'll probably recall that previous versions of our site (formerly Pretty Nani) were told from her point of view. This one is different, as it is told from mine, though occasionally she will chime in.

I try to post pictures, stories, video snippets etc. as often as possible, but sometimes real life kicks in and makes that impractical. If you're interested in videos, Nani and I have a wide selection of videos available on our Clips Store! Purchasing videos helps us to keep this site alive, and continue to produce fresh new content! If you're a woman who has always been curious about this whole foot fetish thing, then perhaps you may be interested in some of the many blog posts here, as I prefer to offer a straightfoward, blunt perspective on the subject. So without further ado; Welcome!

About Nani

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